Week in Review

The most important thing: early voting done. Less than 15 minutes. Proud to be able to vote my conscience without fear of harassment. ❤️

Rage (competition cheer) had a team bonding afternoon: Halloween hanging out & an at-home “escape room” game. This time together *off* the mat is invaluable:

Will’s football team dominated Thursday, winning 33-0. He (71) played both ways 2/3rds of the game, which made him happy! (He loves defense best, but his main position on this team is Center.)

After Will’s game (I had to leave with a few minutes left in the 4th - apparently I missed 2 tackles!) Annelise had her pro school cheer photo shoot. Sneaky side views... ;-)

Friday night, I taught Zumba at my local boutique gym’s Spooktacular Dance Party! The skeleton dress was a hit, and Annelise actually made her own gumball machine costume:

The next two weeks are full of big stuff here, so stay tuned for Annelise’s competition cheer parent showoff & her first two competitions, Will’s last two freshman football games, Annelise cheering one high school football game & starting 7th grade basketball cheer...and our biggest announcement in *YEARS* COMING NEXT!!! :-O (No, certainly not pg & not moving! :-D)


  1. Love how that dress worked out for you!! Y'all have a lot of good stuff coming up, and I can't wait for the big announcement!!!

    1. Posted!!! https://castleblake.blogspot.com/2018/11/its-girl.html


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