Texas Bluebonnets 2014

Y'all *KNOW* I am completely obsessed with 1) taking pictures, 2) family pictures, 3) quintessential local culture, and 4) warm weather. 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 = Texas Bluebonnet family photos! :-D

I already laid down the law with my household that bluebonnet pics will be an annual event = no grumbling allowed. :-P They've gotten wise and realized if they give me a dedicated photo shoot with a decent attitude, I'm much less irritating about nonstop angling for shots here & there. (This also rings esp. true at the beach! Give me 30-45 solid minutes one day, and I'll be a lot less frenzied. ;-))

Last year, we drove just under an hour away to a huge, majestic field with acres & acres of bluebonnets on Easter Sunday. It was stunning...however, when my friend, Angela, & I found a small-but-super-thick patch just down the road from our house on Thursday, I knew I had to get my fam out there ASAP. The key to this patch is that it goes up a hill, so they're all up behind you in the pics! That perspective made it big enough for us this year, and having it be so close saved a ridiculous amount of eye rolling from...potentially-less-enthused members of my fam. ;-) [FYI, Texas friends: Bluebonnet Love is a GREAT site to use to find fields closer to you!!! It's how I found our field last year. :-)]

I am sooo in love with these shots.... [And there may be more to come! Angela met us out there Saturday (that's how we got all 4 of us together in the pics - she snapped them!) She also used her camera on a few and said she'd give me a flash drive with them later this week! :-)] For now, these awesome shots are certainly going to be on heavy rotation in my social media world! :-P No filters, simply taken with my iPhone 5S. (Click on any to see bigger.)


  1. Great pics!! Love Will in the hat!

  2. Beautiful! I just read your last few posts. I love how you find so much joy in everyday things! :)

  3. Wonderful! It looks like you all had so much fun.


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