George Ranch Historical Park

I was thankful to be one of five parents picked to be a chaperone for Will's 5th grade class field trip to George Ranch Historical Park last Friday!

The George Ranch Historical Park is an internationally recognized living history site that authentically preserves and interprets the four generational storyline of a remarkable Texas family beginning in 1824 and spanning more than 100 years. Just 30 miles southwest of downtown Houston, we are located on a 20,000-acre+ working ranch featuring historic homes, costumed interpreters and livestock. The Park aims to educate people of all ages about Texas history and our region’s unique heritage through programming that connects and inspires learners of all ages.

It was cold, (last blast of winter before the 70's stay for good! ...or at least, they BETTER! ;-)) but beautiful. We began out of chronological order (so our group wouldn't be so crowded) at the 1890's Davis Victorian complex, with the blacksmith shop & gorgeous Victorian home:

Over at the 1930's George Cattle complex, they had a blast climbing up the cistern/milk house and seeing a cattle demonstration:

After picnic lunch, we went back out to the Sharecropper’s Farm:

I didn't get pics at the 1860's Ryon Prairie Home or the 1830's Jones Stock Farm, but the kids loved watching the pioneer man shoot his rifle, and I loved seeing the evolution of culture and homes from pioneer life to the 20th century all in one place. I grew up with a locally-famous cabin in my family (the McCurdy Log House, built by my many-greats grandfather, Archibald, ~1773) so I identified with the oldest section. The prairie home made me think of Lonesome Dove (my family's favorite western EVER), and it was fascinating to get to see the advances in each era's homes - next Victorian, & finally an "old" home that could be your great-grandparents' today - all together in one place. I love places that bring history into clearer focus!


  1. We visited the George Ranch last year and really enjoyed it! But it sure was cold!

  2. Yes! There was so much more out there than I anticipated, as well!


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