Week of Our Life in Pics

A week of our life in pics...

Annelise decided she wanted to sew matching skirts for her 3 BFFs' birthdays (all within a month & a half of each other, as well as hers), so we bought the fabric at Jo-Ann (cream background, fuchsia & black flowers, lavender birds, teal Eiffel Towers, brown "Paris" & scripty writing = girly dream! ;-)) She put me to work in her Fashion House: I ironed, she sewed. We made all four in a few hours after school (& after teaching Zumba for me, hence my ensemble) and were really pleased with how they turned out:

We had our first walk-up registration day for our youth football & cheer league! My first being in charge = SUCCESS! We had almost 40 girls register, 25 of whom are completely new to the league, and over 70 girls total get fitted for our new uniforms!!! This is STELLAR!!! At most walk-ups last year, we had maybe 10 or 15 tops? We also have our new cheer shirts for this year available; I helped design them, and everyone LOVES them! The girls think they're super cute, and at the same time, they're not too cartoony for adults to wear:

Football practice is back on!!! (7-on-7 spring passing league, not fall tackle) It feels like all is right with the world to be back out on our normal field two nights a week...although it feels odd for me *not* to be busy coaching. (Cheer is fall only.) I like actually being able to WATCH our boys practice! :-) One of our new players brought cupcakes for his bday last week:

I served on Praise Team this week for Palm Sunday and was so honored to sing Hillsong's "Hosanna"! Rehearsal ran waaaay late Wednesday night, b/c we had Easter Choir rehearsal first and then full Praise Team:

Our fam enjoyed a delectable Saturday afternoon "brunch" at my new fave (locally sourced, farm-to-table) restaurant, Dish Society!!! I had Brisket N’ Eggs: Texas grass fed brisket, two open range sunny side eggs, smoked gouda grits (stone ground! not instant! Southerner approved!), tomatillo relish, & house buttermilk biscuit - mmmmm! It's rare when there are six or seven things I *really* want on the menu. Cannot wait to go back! We also got sun-kissed sitting out in the patio heat - ahhhh!


  1. Fun times! I know this skirts will be great birthday gifts (my daughter would love that gift for sure!!)

  2. Looks like a fun week! What a neat thing, to spend that time sewing with your daughter!

  3. I just LOVE that she's gotten into this and that we can actually do it together!!! ♥


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