Championship Basketball

I can honestly say I didn't think Will's basketball team, who started 0-5 in an 8-game season, would make it past round 1 of their tournament week ...much less win 5 straight to make it to THE CHAMPIONSHIP GAME last Saturday!!! Whoa, Mustangs!

Pics from the last two regular season + three tournament games:
[Insert blessed haircut here! *thank goodness* ;-)]

They ended the season in second place, losing the championship tournament game in OVERTIME! Only the top two teams get trophies, so - of course - Will was thrilled with the hardware. :-P

Next sport: 7-on-7 passing league football starts in 2 weeks! :-)


  1. Congratulations to Will! He should be proud of himself! :)

  2. THANKS!!!!!! (& he is! :-P ;-))

  3. Congrats to Will on a very successful first season!!

  4. Thank you! I'm so surprised at how much he loved it!


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