Vocal Rest

Last week was a *HUGE* challenge: I started out feeling not-so-great - congestion & sore throat. My voice was getting scratchy...which really was a big deal, b/c I was singing on Praise Team, and I actually had a huge solo! I did *NOT* want to mess that up!!! Easter Choir rehearsals began, as well, and I am our alto section leader; plus, I lead worship for a Bible study on Tuesdays. Vocal rest time. :-/

Enter irony: we had the most scream-worthy week in YEARS!!! Will had his basketball tournament (dedicated post coming) which ended up being THREE GAMES (Tues, Thurs, & Sat.) Y'all. COME ON. It ***KILLS ME*** not to scream at sporting events, ESP. my own kids'!!! I felt like I was going to crawl out of my skin not cheering loud & proud! It was torture.

We also had two big, loud, late-night events both Friday & Saturday! When does that EVER happen for us?!?! Friday night, we were invited by one of JB's friends to The Foundation Room at the House of Blues in Houston:
I felt like a total rockstar with all the VIP treatment!!! Their Korean barbeque bao buns were DELISH!!! (I wanted to eat EVERYTHING on their gourmet menu!)

Saturday night was my favorite Houston Rodeo event: the World's Championship Bar-B-Que Cookoff! (Dedicated post coming for this, too! Here's our 1st year.) But, again, a super loud (so you have to scream to converse over the crowd & concerts) and late night. Events I love sooo much, but I really had to make an effort to control my voice = NOT EASY!

Vocal rest is not my forté...

But I made it! Still thanking God for protecting me from getting any sicker all crazy week and helping me focus on why self-control was worth it:


  1. What a fun week!! Hope your voice is all back now!

  2. It's a little weak & scratchy, but making it through felt like such an accomplishment, I think my body is ready to crash tonight after my last singing obligation for 2 weeks! :-P (Spring Break next week = a whole week off! ;-))


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