Atlantis: Power Tower & Resort Exploration

After our morning bucket list-worthy dolphin encounter, we still had an extremely full rest-of-Friday!

Annelise was the ONLY ONE who would race me on the Challenger Slide, which starts just as high as the Leap of Faith, but is actually twin slides on the opposite side of the Mayan Temple:

Will & JB headed off to the Gamer's Reef, while Annelise & I spent literally HOURS on the rest of the slides & in the Current river! We conquered all four Power Tower slides:
The Abyss - Beginning with a staggering 50-foot near vertical drop through complete darkness within the Power Tower, this thrilling 200-foot-long body slide ends as guests splash through waterfalls and into The Cenote - an underground lair of prehistoric alligator gars and fish.
The Surge - Starting at the top level of the 121-foot Power Tower, this inner tube ride features a camel back drop into a cavern, then quickly twists and turns downwards into white-water rapids caused by a flash flood.
The Falls - The slide drops riders 58 feet to ground level before propelling them through a water roller coaster of twisting tubes.
The Drop - Commencing from inside the Power Tower, this single or double inner-tube rides begins with an ominous “drop” through darkness in an enclosed tube. Riders then encounter the open-air twists and turns of this thrilling water slide before splashing down into the Current.

The Drop was our fave, and all but the Abyss dump you back out into the Current river = easy to keep going over & over & over... We went so long that my head felt like we were still bobbing along when I was sitting still at dinner that night!

But before dinner...

Will & Sis had to get their R/C race on one last time at the bigger indoor Atlantis Speedway:

And then Elsa appeared in the Royal Towers!!! ;-)

Family shots on the way to a delectable dinner at Bobby Flay's Mesa Grill: