Atlantis: Arrival

We were so blessed to spend Wednesday, March 11 - Saturday, March 14 at the Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island in the Bahamas!!! It was the best Christmas gift ever - experiences like this create memories that last longer than any toy! Our kids are at the perfect ages to make travel ideal: old enough to remember & appreciate everything, dependable good manners, responsible enough to go to the restroom or down a slide without us having to chaperone, and still young enough to not be mortified by our parental presence. ;-) We want to take full advantage of these sweet years, and we are so thankful for JB's parents making it a reality!!!

We flew direct from Houston to Nassau and met JB's parents at our stunning hotel: The Reef - jaw-droppingly gorgeous! [The photos in the links are not photoshopped - it really does look like this!] The kids got into their suits (the adults didn't, since we were "just going to look around before dinner" = bad choice! we all wished we would've! :-P) and went out to get the lay of the land. Will & Annelise rode the first water slide they saw - the Serpent Slide, which winds down & ends up going through a shark aquarium!
There's a viewing area where you can watch the people come through...although I can't tell which kid is which in these two. ;-)

Will & Sis then discovered Will's other passion - car racing - right by the slide exit. (You can see the shark in the slide viewing area behind the track. :-P)

We ended our initial exploration walking along the beach before getting cleaned up for dinner:

Dinner at Casa D'Angelo was delicious! Service was...slow. They did make a special effort for me (I wanted their Burrata & Figs appetizer; they were out of burrata, but added figs to my Caprese, just to accommodate :-)) but they were late bringing out our entrées & desserts. Maybe it was just an off night? It was definitely the worst service we experienced the whole if that small delay was the worst, you know our trip was excellent! :-)

Next up: Thursday exploring the water park attractions!


  1. We toured Atlantis when we did our Disney cruise to the Bahamas last year. What a beautiful place!! Glad you and your family got to enjoy it!

  2. That's right! How long were you in Atlantis? Did you or the girls do any of the water slides?


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