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Annelise (extremely matter-of-fact) : "Last night when I got up to get a drink of water, I turned into a mermaid."
Me: "WOW!"
Will: "Nuh uh. How?"
Annelise: "Magic." ♥

Will lost his 4th tooth today - his left front, leaving him with both front teeth gone. :-) He doesn't sound any different, :-P but we're both glad it's out (fell out on its own while he ate a super soft banana at breakfast) b/c it's been almost sideways for a few days. [Ick! :-D]

Annelise had her 5-year well-check today: 3'6", 40 lbs., perfect health. ♥ For the first time in her life, she had to (with my help) pee in a cup...which became her {bizarre :-P} highlight. :-D She also had her first finger prick & took it like a champ; she prides herself on handling stuff like that with more bravery than Will. ;-)

LOVE our new pediatrician! It's the "dream" practice to get into around here, and I see why! I would go here to hang out. For fun. (Actually, I could b/c they even have a day spa & super cute boutique upstairs!) PRAISE!

After the ped, Annelise & I went out to Ladies Lunch together at my absolute favorite lunch place here, Cafe 230. (I still adore The Cookie Shoppe for chicken salad sandwiches, but Cafe 230 is a bigger, complete Southern meal for the same price.) I just love how it feels like Charleston, and being there with my princess today? (Who has no shred of toddler left in her! She is 5-going-on-20! :-)) Being "the girls"? Pure heaven.

When JB's parents were here, they brought the kids the best summer workbooks! Must recommend: for Will - Summer Bridge Activities and for Annelise - Ready-Set-Learn: Kindergarten Activities. (I don't think Annelise's is going to last more than another week or 2 max, though! She has torn through it! :-D Will's trying to hold himself to 3 pages a day...and he's not even officially out of school, yet! They got my workbook-addict genes. ;-))

Truth: chocolate malts are the BEST when you can crunch the malt with each sip.

Will brought home his first sign up for FOOTBALL CAMP!!! End of June. Can.Not.Wait.

For my last kid-free lunch of this school year last Thursday before Sis got out Friday, I made my beloved Oven-Fried Green I didn't have to share. ;-)

Thursday night was Will's Dixie Yankees season-end party. The whole team (& siblings!) went bowling before trophies & cake. (Will won at bowling, BTW. All those hours in front of the Wii must've paid off. :-P)


  1. Sounds like you had an awesome but busy couple of days!! Can't wait until the kids get out and we can go to the zoo and do fun "kid things"!!

  2. Busy is the BEST kind for me! :-) I can't stand days w/o running around - staying home stresses me out! :-P I am up for running around as much as you can this summer!!! CANNOT WAIT! :-D


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