Tournament Fire!

Will's tournament t-ball team, the Lee County Fire, played their 2nd tournament this weekend. Two games Saturday, two games Sunday, [after having practice Wed, and Dixie Yankees games Thurs & Fri! Can you say worn out??? (Me, not them. :-P) Our last Yankees game is Mon night :'( - we're not ready for the season to end, although school will next week & summer travel is about to start.] They played so hard, (& I *cheered* so hard!) I know I keep saying how much I love these games, but truly - the family time, the team spirirt & excuse to cheer my head off for my child, the new friends we've connected with - they are blessings beyond measure for me here!

Run, Will!!!

Catch it!!!

"You've GOT to be KIDDING, Ump!"


So how did the tournament turn out? Well, obviously we made it to day two...

And we medaled!!! 1st runner up of the whole thing! Pretty awesome for a conglomerate team who's only practiced together 3 times!

Congrats, Will!

And to our WHOLE TEAM!


  1. Looks like lots of fun!! Congratulations on the medals!

  2. Thanks, y'all!!! It really *was* exciting! :-)

  3. Susie, you have been a bigger blessing to have made our tournaments so much fun

  4. Omigosh - you are going to make me cry!!! :-)


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