Digiscrap Catch-Up

I've had a TON of digiscrapping to catch up on, and I've been lax in sharing my pages, b/c #1 - you've seen most of the pics, and #2 - I'm running out of pic storage memory on my blog account. Of course, I'm still going to post my pages from this year, and you'll still get a good overview, (but there won't be quite as much detail when you click them bigger as there is here.) Feel free to go back through the archived months to read the posts that explain the stories behind the pics. :-)

Back to the New Year and January! (Amazing to think that at New Year's we didn't know we'd shortly get to move back home to the South!)
Our last family weekend in MI at a splash park hotel:

Georgia arrival!
Lee County Dixie League T-Ball:

Mardi Gras:

March, Wisteria, Fishing:

Beginning of April:

Annelise's 5th Birthday:

Easter Weekend:
Easter Morning and into May:


  1. Susie, I remember you from your UW / LJT days....and I wanted to say how happy I am to see that you are back (close to) home in the south! I can hear your heart smiling through your posts!!

    I am in love with your digiscrapping....are there any free sites you could recommend to me? Lord knows with two little ones I don't have time for the traditional scrapbooking anymore!

    Robin (aka Robiness) :)

  2. Robin!!! HI!!!!! :-D YAY for posting here!!!!!! Feel free to sub & follow - LOVE my "old" LJT girls!

    And this is everything I have about digiscrapping - how I do it and the free material sites I use: http://castleblake.blogspot.com/2009/11/digiscrap-tutorial.html

    I also forgot to post the link to see these digiscrapped pages I did here bigger: http://castleblake.shutterfly.com/150

  3. Looking good!! This reminds me that I need to get back to Brody's photo albums!! I have so much catching up to do...like 9 months worth! Ugh.

  4. Now THAT would give me a panic attack! :-P I cannot ever be more than a month behind. Some people are obsessed with cleaning & organizing their house; I have dust bunnies, but if I'm not up on my pics, my tummy churns! :-D HA!


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