Bloody Mary Chili

NO. I have *not* taken up drinking bloody marys (ewwww!) ...but I was absolutely bowled over by the BEST chili sample at H-E-B: Bloody Mary Bison Chili! I had never thought to make chili with bloody mary mix before, but it makes great sense: tomato base with flavorful spices. Our H-E-B carries this gourmet line of mixes from Austin, Texas called Bloody Revolution. The Ribeye mix is what they used, and it was AMAZING: I can actually taste "grill" flavor - what a perfect compliment to chili! The recipe at the store used bison meat = delish!!! The recipe card from Bloody Revolution uses ground beef, but we only had ground turkey. The ground turkey was AWESOME!!! The Bloody Revolution card doesn't add any beans (many Texans don't like beans in chili; I *LOVE* beans in chili!) but the store did add mayacoba beans, and here at home, we added a can of (drained & rinsed) black beans. We also added a can of corn, b/'s chili! You can add whatever you like!!! (& subtract whatever you hate.)

Who says chili isn't a great dinner option on an 85°F spring day?! It was perfect! The grill flavor from the mix truly turned it from a winter classic into appropriately seasonal. :-D

[My version: 3 1/2 cups (24 oz) Bloody Revolution Ribeye Mix, 2 lbs. ground turkey, onion, garlic, 2 tbsp. Brazos Legends Texas Chili Mix, 1 can (drained & rinsed) Trader Joe's black beans, 1 can Trader Joe's fresh corn kernels]