Mid-April Catch Up: 13th Anniversary & ...Infected Ears?!

Whoa - I didn't realize it had been so long! April is absolutely EVAPORATING!!! We've just been busy with life. All happy stuff. All things I could do individual posts on...or I could just catch you all up here & now:

Apparently National Sibling Day was back on April 11th. I wished the happiest to my 1st partner in cookie- and trouble-making:

More cheer meetings & all-day registration events...and I'm loving every second! I have such a strong, quality team of new ladies behind me, every second is fun. We actually *ENJOY* all of our cheer obligations - as it should be!!! These women are a gift from God. No exaggeration. I also finally officially fired a huge problem from last year who wouldn't respond to anything for months & then suddenly appeared, wanting to take back over everything she did (poorly) last year. Ummm, no thank you. So now our Cheer Committee is even more stable and relieved! ;-)

Zumba is awesome, and it makes my heart sparkle when members ask to take a selfie with me after class. :-) They are all such rockstars!!!

This last Monday, the 13th, was my & JB's 13th wedding anniversary!!! ♥ ♥ ♥ Yep, lucky #13 on the 13th! Awwww...

Check out the gorgeous anniversary flowers JB got me:

And what says, "HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!" better than one kid barfing & discovering the other's pierced ears are infected?!?! Yep. That was our celebration. It *was* kind of perfect, though: we got married to create a family together, & this is what families do - the good, the painful, & the messy! Will's stomach bug was a simple 24 hours & done, and - PRAISE GOD!!! - no one else succumbed. Annelise's ears, however, were super gross: puss, blood, & the backs scabbed onto her lobes. :-X She's been very good about cleaning, so with the shared FB advice of BFFs, we are 100% sure it's an allergic reaction. She has such sensitive skin, anyway, and there was no issue until she started switching them. We had her pierced with 14k gold, so we cleaned her holes with TONS of peroxide & Neosporin and put the originals back in. They are ACTUALLY HEALING, so random metal sensitivity confirmed. Only pure gold earrings for her for the foreseeable future. Most of my friends with older girls who went through this said their girls could start changing with regular earrings, again, after a few years. I still cannot believe we actually saved her holes!!! I almost wish I would've taken gruesome before pics, just so you could see how miraculous her recovery is... (You're welcome that I didn't. ;-))

Our 7-on-7 passing league football season was supposed to begin Friday night...but severe storms canceled them. This football family was SOOO READY to get back out on the field for our Friday Night Lights!!! :-( Only amazing thunder & lightning made up for the recision...

Saturday marked 18 years since my Dad passed away and what would've been my Grandmommy's 103rd birthday...

I got to sing in church this morning and lead the song "Do What You Want To" - really great! We sang it a few weeks ago, and it just kept sticking in my head. I didn't know why - it wasn't my solo then, but wow. God definitely meant it for me today... "Lord, we love to see You move!" Early morning rehearsing...


  1. Happy anniversary! You wedding pictures are lovely!

  2. Looks like fun times....well, except for the barfing & infected ears! ;) My daughter seems to have had a reaction to her earrings (pierced 4 months ago) as well. Hers wasn't nearly as bad as Annelise's sounds, though. We, too, are thinking it's a metal allergy and will be paying a bit more for "real" earrings for awhile!!

    Thanks for sharing the update on life!


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