Pink Sunday: Lilly for Target

And THIS is love: that a man would stay up until 4 AM to fulfill his wife's Lilly Pulitzer for Target wish list when it launched in the middle of the night!!! Yes, y'all: I was singing in church this Sunday morning, so I couldn't be at any 8 AM store openings, and JB stayed up to battle the online beast, so I wouldn't be a total zombie onstage.

Could I be any luckier?!?! #husbandoftheyear All other candidates need not even apply!!! :-P ;-)

After hearing all the in-store horror stories, (the stores completely sold out in less than 20 minutes!!!) I'm even MORE thankful 1) for JB & 2) that I had to sing, so me showing up & being tempted to toss an elbow wasn't even an option! :-D

I taught JB all of the standard Lilly online sale tricks (put 1 or 2 things in the cart & check out, 1 or 2 more & check out, over & over, b/c until you pay, nothing in your cart is really yours; have your card & address stored in the system ahead of time, so you don't waste time typing them in over & over; refresh, refresh, refresh; etc.) and I gave him my detailed wish list of ~20 items with sizes for both me & Annelise.

Could I actually sleep? No. It felt like Christmas Eve! :-P But at least I was resting, so I could be functional at worship rehearsal by 6:30 AM.

JB did AMAZINGLY WELL!!! The overwhelming national response was frustration, b/c - OF COURSE - the site kept crashing as soon as it went live ~3 AM; but he kept fighting to get through, and he ended up getting ELEVEN ITEMS!!!!!!!! [Most of my friends - if they got ANY (lots didn't!) - got maybe 2 or 3 items, tops.]

These six are for me:

And these five for Annelise:

I'll do another update + reviews when it all actually arrives!


  1. What a sweet husband!! Glad you were able to get some of the things you wanted & look forward to the reviews!

  2. Your husband is CLEARLY amazing. I had to Google this whole Lilly for Target thing. I had NO CLUE!


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