Lilly for Target Reviews

Thanks to my husband, I was lucky enough to score lots of items to consider. I then got even luckier the next day when my friend, Emily, (originally from ATL, but now living in Idaho) showed up at her Target to find merchandise still available. [Let's just say Idaho is *not* a Lilly hotbed. ;-) Em laments when people ask her where they can get the pattern to sew bags like hers: they're Vera Bradley. :-P] She texted me with pics while she shopped and asked if I wanted anything she saw left. I have to say, it was really fun to virtually text-shop with her! :-D

So now to decide what's worth keeping!

Overall impression: the fabric is definitely cheaper (of course - so are the price tags!) and the "satin" is not satiny at all. Not a deal-breaker, but it's clearly how the prices can come down. The kids pieces are AMAZING!!!
Annelise's maxi dress with the thin straps & her jumpsuit both have adjustable straps = FANTASTIC!!! She'll be able to wear them forever b/c of that. And I'm head-over-heels in love with her rash guard bathing suit top! The only kid items I have pause over are the two crop tops: I don't care if they're for little girls, big girls, whatever - I'm not big on bare midriffs. I didn't know they were crops in the original Target listings, so they will be returned.
Em actually grabbed me a kids XL eyelet crop top, too, b/c I knew I could fit in it, and I hoped it would look good. Eh. It does fit, but, again - I'm not big on bare midriffs at any age. I really hoped it would be longer. :-/ The lace is lovely...

I love my two tank tops! They fit exactly opposite: both size XS, but the fitted pink flowered one is tight around my rib cage (I have giant ribs! :-D) while the blue shell one is a super loose, wide swing top. The palazzo pants are a great length, although the XS size seems a little big for XS. The fabric is not luxe, like my regular Lilly palazzos (again: of course,) which makes them seem a little more...pajama-esque? ...but I'm sticking with them. SO COMFY!!! :-) The button down top has a fairly slim fit, and even though I *hatehatehate* layering (I like the look, but I hate doing it; it's just me) I might wear it open with a tank underneath.

I'm debating about the two dresses I got. They look good on...but they don't look "omigosh! amazing!" They feel great, very comfortable, and I like them better than any other generic dresses...but how often will I choose to wear them? I need to decide... [Edited to add: I'm keeping them. :-P But I need a way to cinch the waist in a bit on the long sleeved green/white palm print.]

The surprise joy? A "My Fans" (blue shells) beach towel!!! I thought a beach towel was kind of a waste: we have towels. But I'm SO GLAD Em encouraged pulling the trigger - it actually is incredibly luxe! It's HUGE: beyond bath sheet size, and it has a gorgeous trimmed border. I can't believe how much I love it. :-D

Stay tuned for pics of our first public foray in our Lilly for Target: a day trip to Austin this Sunday! I will tell you: we were asked where we got our "gorgeous matching outfits" multiple times throughout the day! :-D


  1. I do love that towel!! So glad you were happy with most of your things!

  2. That towel is just the biggest surprise! I'm still shocked that I could get so excited over a towel. :-P
    JB thinks I should keep both dresses & says that they both good on me. How can you say no to a compliment like that?!?! :-D

  3. Sues, saw this sale for your beloved brand and had to send it your way. Daniela (originally from Italy, now in San Diego - we met on ultimatewedding in the Holly and Amy days)!/lilly-pulitzer-page3/UgKYCOICAQo.zso?p=2&s=isNew/desc/goLiveDate/desc/recentSalesStyle/desc/

  4. Grazie mille, Daniela!!!!!!!! Can you believe I *ALMOST* missed this sale?!?! I've been offline so much recently, it almost slipped my mind! :-D You are THE BEST to remember!!!


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