All I Want for Christmas is...STITCHES?!

*GRAPHIC WARNING: to spare sensitive stomachs, the least-bloody pics from JB are posted below this paragraph!*

All I want for Christmas is... STITCHES?!?! Saturday night, I dropped a ceramic bowl while doing the dishes (my fave from our wedding casual pattern in 2002) and I tried to catch it as it shattered = sliced open clear across the top of my middle finger; waited with pressure for almost 2 hours before giving in for urgent care. Won't I look festive walking around giving everyone the bird for Christmas?!?! :-O :-P First stitches of *MY LIFE* (that I can remember!!!! & wisdom teeth don't count.)

Shots don't really bother me, so as soon as I got the two at the base of my finger to numb it for the sewing, I was ok. :-P

(YES!!!!! I totally DID keep that white sweater blood-free, and ALL of the nurses & doctors pointed out how amazing that was!!! :-D)

Adieu, former instrument of salad- & potato-holding, recent instrument of blood-letting...

I'm certain that this serious injury now absolves me from ALL DISH WASHING for the foreseeable future!!!!!


  1. So, I'm just amazed about the white sweater!! :) Seriously, though, glad it wasn't worse!

    I sliced my pinky finger on a mandolin while slicing zucchini back in the spring. I didn't need stitches, but did end up going to urgent care as I couldn't get it to stop bleeding. They just bandaged it well and gave me antibiotic ointment, but it got me out of dishwashing for several days, too!

  2. I'm sorry about your finger, but you are looking at the bright side: no dishwashing! ;) I'm sorry about your bowl, too. :(

  3. I'm trying to take this "no dishwashing thing" seriously...but my family isn't as on board. :-P

  4. That looks really painful but I am glad that is was not more serious. That is a shame about breaking that dish but I am glad you are okay. I am also impressed that there was no blood on your white sweater. Nicely done! You are also a trooper for holding out two hours before heading in.

    Clinton Bashir @ U.S. HealthWorks Spokane Valley


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