Ornament Exchange Hilarity

Last Friday night, my Cheertator BFF Angie & I were invited to an ornament exchange party. We both started out choosing gorgeous ornaments we truly loved & that actually matched our own Christmas trees! What are the chances?!?! Yeah, the chances of actually ending the exchange with those ornaments = zero! :-P We were both stolen from multiple times, and out of 23 ladies, the two of us ended up with the absolute ugliest gag ornaments of the bunch!!! (We honestly think the two who brought these must've misunderstood the invite, thinking it was a gag gift party instead of a fancy ornament party!!!!!) We couldn't do anything but laugh until we literally cried:
Angie's is a resin wagon wheel with a cowboy hat from Tractor Supply; Ang is the *least* Texan person I know here!!! Mine is at least a beagle :-P but they left the $4 Hobby Lobby price tag on (ornaments were asked to be ~$15) and Angie cracked up as I picked off all the messy glue gun strings. Honestly, as I got over losing the blown glass one that matched my tree & Ang the silver crown that matched hers, we decided we must keep these FOREVER! :-D They're like "a thing" for us now. ;-) And they provided genuine, true belly laughs! Here's everyone at the end:


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