Back Handsprings & Portillo's in Texas

Non-Christmasy December news! :-D

I got my stitches out. (No, it didn't feel good - it bled; yes, my finger still hurts a bit, but having the stitches out has been WAAAAAY less irritating; still avoiding dishes when possible!!!)

Annelise finally has her back handspring solid by herself on the harder floor, not the super soft mats:

PORTILLO'S PARTY IN TEXAS!!! Our friends, Matt & Leigh Ann, had *REAL* Portillo's shipped in from Chicago one night for dinner!!! Mmmm, authentic Italian beef & Chicago dogs! [We made our own chocolate cake shakes, though. ;-) (In case you aren't familiar: a piece of chocolate cake with chocolate frosting + ice cream + a tiny bit of milk = blended to perfection! Add coffee liqueur, as well, if you choose.)]