Complete Christmas Review 2015!

Bullet points of celebration:

• When your kids are getting older & Santa relishes having fun with them: "Come on, kids - let's flash Mom our peace sign. Fingers up!" :-P Dec 13th:

• Will sang in his Winter Choir Concert Dec 14th - ahhh, middle school memories! Video links: White Christmas & Shepherd's Joy were just his 6th grade boys class, and Betelehemu was everyone 6th-8th grade spread out all over the auditorium.

• I uploaded a tiny caroling video from his choir caroling night that blessed us so very much!

• My Cheertators (the ladies on my Cheer Committee) and I celebrated our amazing friendship & success this year with a Sbux get-together and then our league Christmas party dinner with our husbands on Dec 20th:

• I *did* end up caving & doing Christmas cards this year - a bit below my normal quality standard, but hey - they happened. :-P

• So thankful for bare legs, sandals, & ~80°F the entire week of Christmas!!! 🎄❤ (*MY* Christmas prayers answered!)

• Christmas Eve candlelight service at church, and our family was honored to get to light an Advent candle:

• Christmas Morning joy!

• Seven-minute icing is our FAVE! ;-) #gingerbreadcakewar

• Our sweet friends, also without family here, came over to share our 3rd annual Christmas Day feast! We had a smoked turkey, my famed sweet potato/cranberry/pumpkin seed salad, pasta with homemade meat sauce, green beans, potatoes au gratin, cranberry sauce, chocolate crinkle & molasses cookies, and Annelise's aforementioned gingerbread cake with seven-minute icing. :-) And egg nog!!! It's always such a happily relaxed time with these friends whom, even though they live less than a mile away, we don't get to see very often, (esp. now that Will and their oldest son are at different junior highs; the littles are all still at the same elementary.)

• My parents flew in from Charlotte on Saturday, the 26th for their holiday visit! (JB's parents are coming in two weeks. :-)) On tap: watching copious amounts of football (HAIL TO THE REDSKINS!!! NFC EAST CHAMPS!), eating out at some of our fave restaurants (Grimaldi's Pizza, Little V, Pappasito's, etc.), Anki Overdrive car racing with Will's big Christmas gift from my parents, and some baking - Annelise wants to bake Tex-Mex Brownies with the recipe she found in my new Southern Living cookbook from JB's parents ❤ (LOVE IT!!!)


  1. Looks like many good Christmas memories!!!

  2. Looks like a wonderful Christmas! Unlike you, however, I hoped for cool weather for Christmas. :) As a matter of fact, our AC went out Christmas Eve, so Christmas Day was uncomfortably warm. Oh, well!

  3. Hello, sweet friend! I know I disappeared (Southern Somedays) and hide away for a time. But I am back and starting out fresh. I have been going through my old blog list and have been sad to find so many of my favorites no long around. I guess that is ho, it goes as seasons change.

    You family looks so happy and blessed. That thrills my heart! Your kiddos are so grown up!!!! How did that happen when I looked away? BTW, thank you for always sending me a lift up message when I needed it was my world fell apart. You were an angel dropped into my world at just the right time.

  4. Thank you, my friends!!!

    Nikki - I trust you've been enjoying the last week's weather, then! :-D I've been huddling for warmth!!! :-P

    Michelle!!! I'm so happy to hear from you!!!!! ❤ ❤ ❤


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