Cartwheel Life Lesson

I can't do a cartwheel. I can dance circles around people, and I have no fear of flying in stunts, but I've always been terrified to purposely throw my head down towards the ground while flinging my body up & over. Head + ground = scary. When my cheerleaders were little, it made the ones who also couldn't cartwheel feel better when we were deciding tumbling in routines when I said, "It's ok if you can't do one - *I* can't do a cartwheel, myself!" That hasn't come up in a couple years now, though...and at practice, my girls used another one of my tactics against me: when I put a cartwheel ripple in our dance last week, I just did a tour jeté instead to demonstrate, b/c "I can't do a cartwheel." They pounced: "Coach Susie!!! Don't EVER say you CAN'T! You always tell us to try the hard things that we don't think we can do, and we can always end up doing them. You're strong! You're going to try right now! You can do this!" I was a little stunned...but they were right. And I did! I looove it when these girls remind ME of the truth!!! (Listen to those excited screams at the end! 💖)


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