Ready Set Go

Another great youth cheer weekend! I really think that first week where I felt so *ugh* was a total fluke. Every week since has been easy & FUN! Maybe it was b/c Will hadn't started playing, yet, that first week. Maybe that first football team we cheered for really was blah. I don't know, but I feel like we are cruising now - and not only cruising, but still doing quality cheer. We've dropped down to one practice a week*, but we're still growing, adding cheers, and we did a new dance this week, too. I can't put my finger on what's so different - maybe without my fam on the field, and with Annelise also getting competition training, I feel more relaxed? The stakes aren't as high or emotional - I'm not Annelise's sole source of future cheer prep, anymore, and I think that's giving me a more fun sense of freedom.

Here are our videos from Saturday. The first is from the mom who did our Rice University overview video, too. I love that she includes pics!!! Watch the actual "Ready Set Go" dance, though, on the 2nd video - JB took it from a much better angle.

Our official 2016 squad photo!
[pic of the pic; missing four girls]

Our halftime stunt this weekend:

Teddy sit extensions:

Sweet girls:

This is how my girls wanted to take breaks! :-P

*We've dropped to one 2 hour practice a week instead of two 1.5 hour practices. Will & my assistant coach's daughter now have their junior high football games to play & cheer on Mondays when we had been having it. Annelise has competition cheer Tuesdays, and everyone has church Wednesdays, so Thursdays are it. I asked my cheer fams if they were ok with this (hoping they wouldn't feel cheated) ...and they all cheered!!! :-D Easier on everyone, and the girls are finally old enough to handle getting fully prepped in one shot.


  1. Great pics, as always!! Those teddy sit extensions are impressive!


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