Cheer Christmas Parties

Our official school cheer Christmas party was canceled Friday night per our school district due to the crazy deluge of rain; luckily we had a non-school-affiliated plan B = just hanging out as friends at one family’s house (no coaches attending = not school-official) + baking homemade cookies & delivering them to our local fire station! It was sooo awesome to turn it into a charity event focused on others, while still bonding & having fun. This ended up *way better* than anything that had been planned (& stressfully debated by a few. *sigh* #parentdrama) Proud of how we turned this so positively around!

Annelise also had her competition team Rage’s ugly Christmas sweater Christmas party Saturday night:


  1. Love that y'all have the chance to get together and have fun as cheer friends/teammates over the Christmas season!!


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