Mid-December Musings + Gingerbread

•Annelise’s first two months of 7th grade basketball cheer:

•We actually enjoyed JB’s company Christmas party last week at his boss’s house...but didn’t take a single pic! :-O

•I am obsessed with Yasso Peppermint Crunch bars. The Sugar Cookie ones are good, too! (Not paid to say that - just love them. They’re at Target.)

•Speaking of food, those HEAVENLY Original Glazed Gingerbread Krispy Kreme doughnuts are BACK *just* through Christmas Eve. (Love/hate that I can only get them/will only be tempted by them for a few days! :-D)

•Speaking of gingerbread, we went back to our annual tradition of decorating homemade gingerbread houses with BFFs! (We did this other style of mini molds the last 2 years: much easier - 30 min & done baking, instead of 4-6 hours of baking/shaping/cooling/releasing! ...But the little ones *do* lack the effect of the big ones :-D) This year, I purposely made half as much royal icing = less opportunity for total insanity! :-P With BFFs Trey & Annika:

•Extremely quiet Christmas plans here - zero stress, zero running around, zero doing anything with anyone purely out of obligation. We didn’t even put ornaments on the tree until yesterday! :-P We were too busy to want to make time until school got out, but now? Literally nothing planned for several days! :-O


  1. Love all the updates! Those sugar cookie bars are calling my name ;) Our girls decorated gingerbread houses when they spent the night with friends on Friday night, and they turned our really well. Such a fun tradition!


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