End of November Sports

Will had his sub-varsity football banquet:
It was just eating barbeque & each player having their name announced, but it was nice.

Annelise cheered her first two 7th grade basketball games:
Cheering basketball is sooo much lower key than football: they sit in the stands the whole time & only go out on the court for quarter breaks. Games are also half as long!

Will started his basketball practices this week (his games begin in January) with his youth league:
He’s back on the team he was supposed to be on last year with his coach & BFF from two years ago. (Even though last year’s heartbreak ended up in ultimate victory! Since that coach is an actual basketball professional, the league determined he can’t coach, again, this year; so there was no hesitation on Will’s part to get back to his former group.)

I didn’t get to work out on Friday, because I went to Brookwood (see next post!) so since it was 73° & lovely Friday evening, I actually lapped the school track while Will had practice! :-D

Stay tuned for Advent/Christmas prep!


  1. Looks like y'all have successfully transitioned from one sports season to the next ;) Our basketball cheerleaders occasionally bleacher cheer, but most of the time they get to stand off to one end or side of the court and cheer. They just have to be really alert to what's happening with the ball!!

    1. I *wish* our girls didn’t bleacher cheer virtually the entire time!!! I definitely prefer the way y’all do it!


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