NYC Day 2: Hamilton, Baohaus, Mood, Puffs

NYC Day 2, Tuesday, July 2nd: We took a Hamilton (historical, not musical ;-)) walking tour of the Wall Street area - sooo much incredible information! I felt like I audited a course at Columbia! :-D We raised a glass ("to freedom"; "to the 4 of us") at Fraunce’s Tavern, saw the final resting places of Alexander, Eliza, & Philip Hamilton, Angelica, and Hercules Mulligan all at Trinity Church, explored Federal Hall - site of Washington’s inauguration & our Congress before moving to D.C., site of Jefferson’s NYC home (THE room where it happened! funny: a year ago this day, we were at Monticello!) and so much more... It ended up being a private tour with just the 4 of us and our legendary guide, Jimmy Napoli. I can’t recommend enough, but caveat: he is actually moving to St. Croix in October to give Hamilton tours there, since that’s Hamilton’s birthplace. He gives tours all over the world!

Tuesday afternoon, I had the BEST food I have EVER PUT IN MY MOUTH: the Birdhaus Bao at Baohaus: all natural fried chicken, brined 24 hours, served with Haus Seasoning Salt, lemon-garlic aioli, crushed peanuts, Taiwanese red sugar. I don’t even like fried things (I usually pick the crust off fried chicken if I have to eat it :-P) and this was the most delectable thing I have ever eaten!!! Coming by for this snack was on my personal NYC bucket list (*obsessed* with Huang’s World) but it blew me away!!! Talk about BEYOND living up to the hype... I ate one... and went back for TWO MORE!

Also Tuesday afternoon, Annelise & I lived out our Project Runway dreams at Mood Fabrics! Swatch gave us kisses!!! THANK YOU, MOOD!

Tuesday night: I *can’t* do NYC without a show, so Annelise & I scored TKTS discount tickets to the play of her heart, Puffs (TKTS obviously doesn’t broker Hamilton or Dear Evan Hansen :-P) 3rd row center - I have never seen her laugh or connect with jokes like this! (Puffs, as in Hufflepuff - Annelise’s favorite Harry Potter house:-))

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  1. That historical tour sounds like something we would love to do!! In NYC, I always feel like there's so much food to try and not enough time!! :)

    1. Historical tours are MY FAVORITE!!! (But they aren't the kids', so I tried reeeeally hard to only schedule 3 all week - and one of those was even pizza! :-D)
      WAIT - I recant: FOOD is my FAVORITE!!! That was *my* hardest task - spreading out all of the bakeries & treat shops I wanted to visit semi-evenly. :-P


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