NYC Day 4: Coney, Treats, Central Park, Fireworks

NYC Day 4, Thursday, July 4th: After years & years of watching it every Fourth of July on ESPN, JB & Will actually went to Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest on Coney Island! :-P

Annelise & I stayed in Manhattan: we browsed Chelsea Market, walked the High Line, and loved the Compost Cookie (pretzels, potato chips, graham crackers, coffee, oats, and mini butterscotch & chocolate chips) Milkshake at Milk Bar (another check off my personal NYC bucket list :-D)

We found “balance” in pizza mac & cheese at Flip ’N Toss :-P, rode the subway uptown, and stumbled into Jacques Torres Chocolate shop. (We lovelovelove him on Nailed It!) This was an unexpected pleasure, and since we had already been to Milk Bar + were literally walking to bubble tea when we found this gem, we got his famous chocolate chip cookie mix (on sale!) to make at home later this month, instead of stuffing ourselves with more sugar in the moment. :-D

We *did* get tea and entered Central Park, where we walked through Strawberry Fields and rented a boat to row on the lake for a full hour! It felt like we were in a movie...
Did y'all see the "Two Goats in a Boat" sketch Lin-Manuel Miranda & Jimmy Fallon did last year? It got stuck in our heads for days...and when we were on the lake, we got inspired to sing a few snippets! :-D One take each (hence the key change & unsure 2nd start :-P) = less than a minute of work total...but laughs for days!!!

Our whole family reunited for the big Macy’s fireworks around South Street Seaport, where we killed time pre-show with Big Gay Ice Cream :-D and Cobble & Co. The actual display off 4 barges in the East River? Awesome.

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  1. All the food in this post sounds amazing!!! We were actually watching the NYC fireworks on television this year. Wondering if the crowds were insane from where you watched them?? What a neat and memorable July 4th experience!

    1. Omigosh, YES! The crowds were HUGE!!! We got down there ~3 hours ahead of time. Our original plan was to eat at Cobble & Co. and then walk two simple blocks over to get up on the FDR (elevated highway where police cut off traffic for the night) ...but after dinner, our section was policed off & a THRONG of people were dying to get in, so *we* questioned leaving - like maybe if we did, we'd get stuck somewhere with no view? We figured all those people must know this was a good vantage point, so we stayed put. :-D We couldn't see the Brooklyn Bridge :'( but we had a great view of all the fireworks off the barges in the East River! It was surprisingly not too bad getting out of there & getting back to the subway, and the subway wasn't overly packed, so YAY!!!

    2. Yes, yay for an easy exit!! That's typically the worst part of fireworks for us ;)


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