Letter from School

JB & I got a letter addressed to us from Will's school. I have regular, open email communication with his teacher, and she hadn't mentioned any formal notices coming. "What on Earth," I wondered...

It is a pleasure to inform you that Will has been selected as Good Citizen of the Month. The honor is based on:
Good Work
Good Behavior
Respect for Others

You are to be encouraged for providing a good foundation at home for your child. It is our desire to enhance your child's good qualities.

Please join us for a light breakfast on Friday, April 29th to honor our good citizens...

Cue the water works.

There are not words for how this fills me with joy! Talk about a confirmation of a positive transition!!!
Bursting over here...


  1. Congrats to Will and to Susie and JB! What a wonderful thing to celebrate! And i LOVE that the school recognizes your raising him taht way :-) yay!


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