God Hugged Me

I just got a hug from God. I've been freaking out a bit in denial the last few weeks since Annelise's vision was tested for school & one of her eyes seems blurry. She's never mentioned anything about it herself at all & obviously doesn't have any learning or headache issues, so we were totally dumbfounded. We don't have vision insurance, and I don't want her to actually have anything wrong. :'( Her annual well-check is in just a few weeks, so I gave myself that as a deadline in the back of my head; but I FINALLY got strong enough last night to get serious about taking her to an OD. I did the local research...and get this: this morning's Groupon was for the exact OD here that we had planned to call today: $35 for a $135 appointment! PRAISE!!!!! It's for the best new place in town, too, and now we don't even have to worry about not being covered! GOD LOVES US SOOOOOO MUCH! In all things, big & small!

It feels like the biggest hug!!! [And soooo tangible, esp. after my post-midnight read!] I almost cried when I opened that email this morning. This eye thing has hit a crazy raw nerve in me that makes me want to curl up & hide. [Neither JB nor I have ever had glasses; and not only it is uncharted territory for us, but I have also gotten very personally sensitive this last year, b/c I've noticed a little nearsightedness in myself for the first time. :'( ] But now to get a confirmation like this right after I suck it up & get serious? Even though it sounds a little silly, that Groupon was such a big hug from God that He's got this under control, so I'm going to relax now...