Paula Deen's [old] House

We now live right up the street from Paula Deen's childhood home!!! So being the faux celeb stalkers we are, my friend Jamie & I drove by this afternoon to gawk. It's actually for rent - we wanted to make an appointment to see it, just to go inside & take pics of ourselves in her old kitchen! HA! :-) I need to get her [signed?!?! oh my heart...] book, so I can do my own "Paula Deen's Albany" tour! :-P


  1. super cute home! i would so rent that place! you should maybe get her book from the library (if you don't want to buy) and get a list for your tour :-)

  2. YES! I will do that! It's the perfect motivation to get my new local library card for down here, too! :-)
    But you probably would NOT want the house. The neighborhood has certainly...changed in the last 40 years. It's the best house on the street by a mile, and the pic is REALLY flattering...


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