*MY* Silhouette SD

Y'all, I could just burst: after months & months of painstaking research on prices, coupons, deals, & bundles, I finally have my very own Silhouette SD. I am ready to COVER THE WORLD in vinyl monograms!!! :-D

It connects to your computer just like a printer, but instead of printing designs, it cuts them with a small blade. It is soooo easy & awesome, and you don't have to buy ANY extra cartridges or accessories for it - it can use any TT font on your computer. (I have HUNDREDS! :-D) [That's the big reason I didn't want a Cricut - after you buy the base machine, you still have to buy all the cartridges to do anything with it.] I waited a long time for this, but it was a well-informed purchase, and it will pay for itself, as I make presents for pennies that I would have spent $20-$50 on in a gift shop!

Here's my very first project! (Pardon the phone pic quality.) I certainly didn't ease into it, choosing a super thin and detailed font, but I wanted to see how intricate this thing would get and how easy it would be on me.

Here's my machine out of the box and all of the extra vinyl sample sheets I got:

I typed my project - "Annelise" - in my [super swirly] font of choice (or you could draw a picture or use one of their designs) in the program. You can change the size, letter spacing, orientation, etc. I really love that you can see the whole cutting area on the screen and manipulate & drag your design anywhere you want, (esp. handy if you're working with a just a small scrap of paper or vinyl, or if you want to move it to an area on the cutting mat you haven't used a lot to extend the mat's life.)

Cutting in action:

Cut vinyl after the background is pulled away:

Using the transfer paper, I stuck it to the final object:
Ta da!!!

Up next? I'm monogramming my tea pitcher and a bag for my mom!


  1. adorable! i love my machine, it really rocks my socks off. I want to try the t-shirt transfers... endless possibilities!

  2. That is fabulous! I love the font on your first project.

  3. I am so happy for you! Like you, I have been eyeing that machine for a long time. But I haven't broken down and bought one. YET. :)


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