"The Help" Movie Trailer

My friend, Michelle, just posted the trailer for the movie version of one of my favorite books from last year, The Help.

I like movies. I love watching movies WAAAY more than reading books. I'm not saying that movies are *better* than books, b/c no - they NEVER are. But I don't enjoy the act of reading for fun as much as I enjoy the act of watching a movie. I generally watch the movie of a book first and then go read the book; that way I'm not disappointed in the film, and then I also feel like I'm getting deeper insider info when I read the book. I'm a bit nervous now, having already read AND *ADORED* The Help, b/c there's more potential than usual for me to feel blah re: the film. (Like with Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood.) But I am still excited for it!


  1. thanks for posting this, susie! i remember waiting for you to finish the book so i could hear your reaction. i share your excitement and nervousness approaching watching the film. i want to see it, but the image of the town and the characters i have in my head from reading it were already so real, so rich...i don't want the movie to spoil that! maybe we should watch it the same weekend and then blog our thoughts together. :)
    it was good to hear the words, "aibileen" and "minny" again watching the trailer. for some reason, in my head, the book took place about 20 years prior to the the time period they're showing in the movie.

  2. I would LOVE to watch & blog our thoughts on this together!!!!! Excited!!!!!


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