* Guess who pulled the trigger on OFFICIALLY getting her Zumba Instructor Certification Sept. 25th in Savannah? Savannah is the closest location (3-4 hours away) where a certification class is being held that I can attend this year. [Here's the list, if you're curious.] (You *MUST* take their official certification course; Zumba is a major brand, and they go after people who say that they teach "Zumba" but aren't certified. It's so worth it, though - great prep & materials!) I'm excited! ...A bit anxious, but excited! :-P The owner of Annelise's new dance studio asked me yesterday when I was getting certified, so I feel great that she's still interested in offering my class. [BTW: Annelise LOOOOOVED her first day back! She had ballet & tumbling, (tap is on Wed,) and Ms. Kathy said she didn't stop smiling the ENTIRE hour & a half. :-D]

I've never been to Savannah, (we've always just stopped at Charleston, b/c it's been closer to home & so magical) and now I'm going twice in about a month! [In 2 weekends for JB's work conference, and then for this in Sept. I think JB & the kids will come w/ in Sept. and have a day at the beach on Tybee Island while I'm in training, since I get that chance this 1st trip...and then JB can drive my rag doll-self home! ;-) ...Unless anyone wants to come babysit the kids over Saturday night to let me & JB go *TWICE* by ourselves! :-D (Seriously!)]

Registering for this Zumba certification feels crazy revolutionary for me - a major step out in faith, b/c:

#1 - I am the girl who HATES EXERCISE! :-D Despises. Loathes. Dreads. And here I am, going to be a *fitness* instructor!!! :-P I don't know why this seems so different from teaching dance...but it does. I guess I know some out-of-shape dance teachers, but NO out-of-shape fitness instructors. (Not that I feel out-of-shape, but... ;-)) People will be taking my class to work out, not to learn perfect dance choreography. I had 15 years of dance background before I began teaching, and even though Zumba is way more simple, I don't want to seem like a newbie. The ghost of my former high-school-plump-girl-self still creeps into my brain at times...and I guess I just need to keep beating her derrière back into oblivion! ;-) I *am* confident I can teach great classes, but it's crazy realizing I'm being called to do something I would have NEVER, EVER dreamed!!! (But not like it's the first time... ;-))

#2 - I *know* this is a wrong way for me to think, but I always feel like since I don't have a full-time job outside the home, I don't "deserve" to invest in stuff like this for myself. Don't get me wrong - as JB says, I always get everything that I want. :-) [To which I always reply: "Because I don't ever ask for crazy things." I'm the anti-shopaholic, so when I want something bad enough to ask, it must REALLY be worth it! :-D] But example: as much as I love to dance, I would never spend the money on taking adult classes *just for fun*, esp. if I'd also have to pay for a sitter. When I get to be a SAHM, that almost seems extravagant to me. [PS - JB does NOT agree w/ this at all! I think it actually drives him crazy; it's just my hang-up.] But we're in a new season of life now, where I have the time w/ both kids in school, (which also flows into EVERYTHING I'm beginning to do more of now for *me* for the first time in 7+ years,) and we're in a more stable financial place, so I'm going for it, w/o freaking out re: earning back more than I put in ASAP. It's a big deal for me.

* As if that wasn't enough, one of my friends asked if she could share my LaLa's Girls crafty business site with her friends, so I updated it a little. I've tried to strike balance b/t having it look up-to-date and not having to re-do everything I've had on there since I started it 4.5 years ago. I kind of want to start a FB fan page to advertise it; but I'm scared that I'll get overwhelmed with orders starting out...and then it'll be crickets, with no action at all. :-P Or the other potential bummer: if I get a bunch of orders for the designs I don't enjoy making so much (but offer b/c they sell) and none for the styles that are more fun for me. :-P Am I just being completely ridiculous? I *know* I'll make the FB fan page, but maybe after Zumba, cheer, & Junior League are more settled?

* I had my Junior League Council Retreat on Saturday. It's cool to be brand new, but already be in leadership b/c of my Placement. (I'm running the website, FB, & email blasts, so I have to be "in the know" about everything. :-)) I LOVE this League!!! The women are awesome. The retreat was so comfortable and didn't take any longer than we truly needed. The BESTBESTBEST part? This League's fundraising requirements! Most Leagues usually have some kind of silent auction/raffle/sale of some sort as a part of their big events to raise money for our charity work, and who has to provide those donations? We do. Which I HATE!!!! Esp. being new in town, and I am just hands-down desperately terrified of asking people for money. I cannot do it. (If people come to me first, I can sell anything; but I cannot approach or initiate! Even for charity!) It's the only part of JL that makes me squeamish. Usually, the requirement is to collect about $300 in donations. And I've always gotten it done. [Continued blessings upon my massage therapist in Chicago who *offered it all* w/o me asking for my last JLKD requirement! :-D] But my new League? [Listen to the seraphim sing!] NO DONATION REQUIREMENT!!! The fundraising council (of which I will *never* be a part! :-D) does all that. We just have to do $100 in tickets to each event, which is cake, b/c that's just suckering ;-) enjoying the company of one other couple, and work a shift at the event. Yes, please!


  1. Have you thought about using Etsy? A friend of mine makes jewelry as a hobby, and she sells her stuff on there. She typically does a couple sales per month, so nothing to distract her from her "day job", but she's still able to sell a few things, and to do it through a site that is really user-friendly and easy to use. I've bought all kinds of stuff on that site, from jewelry to bags, and the customer service from the artists/sellers has been awesome...I think that's a big part of why I have so much loyalty to the site is interacting with them and getting to know them. I now go there first when looking for artsy craftsy stuff that I can't make myself (if I don't go to a couple local stores that let locals sell their stuff there...).

  2. I have looked into it a few times over the years, but Etsy charges fees for listing an item for sale, as well as a percentage of the sale price when the item sells. Not thrilled about that, when mine is such a low-volume hobby-status thing. If the items don't sell w/in 4 months, you also have to keep repaying to relist them. It's just not worth it to me, yet ...*at this point* :-)

  3. Wow, really? I didn't realize they took a cut, even to periodically relist. Yeah, never mind. Much easier to do what you're doing without that.

    I have sold some books/CDs/DVDs on Amazon, and it's frustrating what a huge % they take, but I look at it that I'm helping the environment (and/or poor college students) by passing something on to someone that actually wants that specific item. I much prefer that to dealing with people bartering over a few cents at a garage sale.


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