Teaching Will

I went to Will's 2nd grade orientation last night: I seriously want to cry for joy over his teacher. What a blessing to be in her class! She is the perfect teacher: super sweet, considers herself their "mommy at school", wants them to be happy & enjoy learning, really emphasizes having fun, but imposes serious consequences when warranted. She is all about teaching responsibility. Parents are not allowed to comment if their kids choose to use bad handwriting, and if it's worse than what they're truly capable of, they will have to redo their homework during recess. (LOVE THAT!) "Mommy won't be able to check every assignment they turn in their whole lives. Better to learn personal responsibility for their work now, and they'll learn fast - they won't miss many recesses by choice." She said that she had a student forget her bus label lanyard yesterday morning; the student said, "My mommy forgot to put it on me." Mrs. Hemphill replied [not mean, but with an honest laugh,] "Does your mommy ride the bus?" ["No."] "Well, then it's not her responsibility. Your mommy is busy enough running around with her own business." I. Love. This. Woman. (Will & Sis hear me chant all the time: "That's not my business," when something is their responsibility. :-D)

She wanted us to fill out a little sheet on our children, just so she can get an idea of how we view them. She said she's had parents who, when she tells them what their child is like in class, just can't believe they're talking about the same kid. :-D It's so true that kids often act differently for authority figures outside the home! Will isn't ever different at his core, but he *is* ALWAYS on his best behavior for others and saves up all of his extra overly-touchy freaking out & whining just for me. :-P I loved the personality survey, so here it is:

1. Please give three positive statements about your child.
* He is extremely kind and intuitive about people's feelings.
* He has passionate team spirit for whatever group he's involved with and loves cheering on his mates.
* He loves to follow the rules.

2. Please give two of your child's weaknesses.
* He can be too tenderhearted and overly sensitive sometimes.
* He likes to make rules for *other* people a little too often.

3. What is your major concern about this school year in regard to your child?
* Reading and spelling

4. What are your expectations for your child upon completion of this school year?
* I would LOVE to be as confident about his reading and spelling as I am about his status as the self-proclaimed "math king".

[Yes - he told everyone on the first day of school that he was the King of Math. ...And he can back that up!!! :-D]