1st Day of 2nd Grade (...& Sis Shines, Too)

Off he went, [and with chlorine-free-although-slightly-sleepy eyes,
thanks to my beloved Liz's advice of milk eye drops! :-)]

He was excited! I am SO THANKFUL to have kids who like school. How did *I* take it? Are you kidding: after him going from tiny Montessori to giant public 1st grade in TWO different brand new schools last year w/ our mid-year move, this is CAKE!!! He's in the same school, even on the same hallway as his last 1st grade class; he has the same sweet bus driver and still gets picked up at the same time right in our own, safe driveway. After the last year & a half since leaving Chicago, this "new" beginning is effortless, so I feel awesome. (But a bit sleepy - 6:46 is NOT my friend.) I just don't cry or get sad when my kids start a new grade. [Now a traumatic haircut? That's a different story! :-P & I always cry-happy when they're onstage :-)] I got to go to Zumba this morning kid-free for the 1st time since May = that's celebratory for all 3 of us! :-D And I made my ultimate oven-fried green tomatoes for lunch, which they didn't have to eat, and I didn't have to share! :-P

I'm so happy with the way Will's backpack turned out! I just got it plain, super cheap at Walmart, but then *OF COURSE* we monogrammed it. [Ridiculously excited that he was so excited to brand it with his initials! :-D] He picked out the letter color, style, & placement. :-) Less than $12 for backpack & monogram total!

He said his first day was great. (No homework may be the hallmark of "great" :-P) It wasn't anything new, yet - just getting reacclimated.

Not to be outdone, I got called inside out of the car line at pick-up today to see what Annelise had done: she found all the vowels to spell these words with the movable alphabet and read the whole thing!!! I seriously don't have enough exclamation points for this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-D


  1. Your blog is very fun! Love the monogrammed backpack. :o)

  2. I am more than ready for my little guy to start preschool! Next Monday can not come soon enough!!!! Yay for Will and his new cute backpack (maybe cute for a guy isn't the word but you get what I am saying ;) And double Yay for Annelise shining!


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