Patriotic Money-Fishing with Sharks

Cracking up over Will's doodle on the back of his math worksheet at school: it's a big ship (USA! USA!) with nets hauling in *money* (!!!) while sharks jump & feed on seals. (Don't miss the bloody brown seal who's still smiling, b/c you know, it's just nature. "That's how life works, Mom." Indeed, son. :-P)

My mom said she likes the sailors in top hats. Yes, very classy. Very Uncle Sam! I also like that all the portholes are under the water level. :-) That's a much cooler view than any seasick-inducing horizon line.

PS - I want him to divulge the location of this secret money reef!!!

Here's one more - not as action-packed, but colorful:

It's a big, beautiful fish with baby fish swimming in front...and TONS of fish eggs in the back. :-P (I don't know why that makes me giggle, but it does.)

I love this kid...