Peanutty Plains

My mom, Will, & I explored Plains, Georgia today - home of Jimmy Carter, our 39th president & winner of the Nobel Peace Prize in 2002. It's about 45 minutes from our home now and just the next town over from where JB currently works, so we had our sightseeing adventure before meeting him for lunch.

What a sweet slice of rural, simple life! We saw all the Carter family landmarks, toured his boyhood farm and the train depot which housed his campaign headquarters...and had the most divine cinnamon & chocolate peanut brittles and peanut butter ice cream! :-) It was a special excursion to share with my mom, who was "close" to his administration - her hometown friend, Susan, married the man who became Carter's Deputy Press Secretary; they were all living in DC at the time, so they got to share experiences!

Back in Plains...

[On the Carter family's old porch swing - lovely!]

[Relaxing at the depot]

And PS...
...I can out-belle Scarlett any day. ;-)