Savannah Salutations!

Greetings from the swanky Westin Savannah Harbor Resort! JB & I are here *alone* for a work conference of his, while my parents hold down the fort with the kids & the dog at home. [THANK YOU SOOO MUCH, LaLa & Grandaddo!!! WE LOVE YOU!] It's our first trip w/o the kids (except house-hunting to move to GA) EVER - yes, in SEVEN YEARS. Packing was insanely easy - w/ no kid stuff in the mix, I was ready in no time!

Before we left today, LaLa, Annelise, & I slipped over to the nail salon for GIRL TIME! Sis got her very first pro princess pedi:
When all 3 of us are together, we are *the girls*. :-D

JB & I left home around 1 PM and were here by 4:30 - easy drive! (Finally, right?! After 5 years of living 13-16 hours away from our resort areas of choice!) Our hotel is on the opposite side of the river from the city, but it makes for gorgeous views, and there's a free water ferry that runs every 20 minutes from 7 AM - midnight. It is SO NICE not to have to drive over (& find parking!) to explore River Street!

We walked the whole length of River Street this afternoon, first passing Savannah's Waving Girl statue...
...with whom, of course, I had to pose!

We examined & critiqued every menu posted on River Street, b/c there was NO WAY we were going to waste a meal here on gimmicky blah crap. (This is when our "foodie-ness" kicks into high gear! :-D) We have extremely good luck finding gems, and we may have hit the pinnacle on our first try: Vic's on the River was stellar! Fried green tomatoes (of course) with goat cheese & tomato chutney [the breading had rosemary in it!] and pulled pork eggroll with barbeque sauce & peach chutney:
Along with an appetizer of house-made orange marmalade on fresh biscuits, and the charming, chic atmosphere: this was perfectly *us*!

After dinner, we actually enjoyed impromptu dessert at the Savannah Bee Company! I have been so excited to visit this place, b/c they have all kinds of honey samples to taste. It's like a wine tasting, only sweeter! I wanted to taste what the real difference is b/t tupelo, orange blossom, black sage, etc. I just know I like honey, but I wanted to finally figure out which one I like best. Did the Savannah Bee Company help me?
No. I thought I was going to decide on my favorite variety. Now I know I just like them all. :-/ ;-) [We bought a small jar of the Cheese Honey. No, it's not cheese-scented! :-P It is a blend esp. created to pair nicely with cheeses, like if you're serving a cheese board. It has the most smooth, balanced flavor... you know, now that I'm a honey expert. :-P]


  1. The ferry must run later now because I remember having to take a taxi back one night!


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