Two Weeks?!

Has it really been two weeks since I blogged? It seems like two days...

School. Zumba. Tumble. School. Yoga. Cheer. Football. School. Zumba. Church Singing. School. Cheer. Football. School. Barbell Strength. Football. Cheer. Church. Football. *repeat*

And I love it! :-)

Highlights & lowlights:

* Electronics have been banned in our household before school. They just make everyone late & stressed at the last second. ;-)

* A new friend with cancer is way worse than I thought: stage 4, breast spread to liver & ovaries, given a year to live back in Feb, has a young son, & totally rocks my Zumba class twice a week. She is still in chemo & NEVER misses class... She says it's her therapy. She makes me cry with humbled wonder. #perspective  Lift her up. Pray also for her stress levels & for a friend of hers that she can't stop worrying about who may be involved in a domestic violence situation. :-(

* We had no football games over Labor Day weekend, so a lot of our team went to the movies together that Saturday afternoon to see When the Game Stands Tall = perfect team bonding!!! Funniest: the boys were whispering back & forth and running for refills during all the human interest parts, but they were riveted during every bit of football! :-P

* Our sunsets have been gorgeous like this almost *EVERY NIGHT* the past few weeks:

* Hit some snags last week - Tuesday morning, Will had forgotten to do a huge assignment over the long weekend, got his 1st tardy ever b/c it took so long to finish, & I couldn't even drive him to school late b/c I had left my keys in JB's truck. Wednesday morning produced the worst traffic I've ever battled to get to teach my class - but *NEITHER* day was ruined! :-) It doesn't always happen, but positivity, grace, & deep yoga breathing actually prevailed! ;-)

More to come! (Sooner than in 2 more weeks ;-)) Time to jump back in: Church Singing. School. Cheer. Football. School. Barbell Strength. Football. Cheer. Church. Football. *repeat*


  1. Hello friend..It has been so crazy hasn't it. My husband travels some so it is even more crazy. I am tired but can't complain. Are you interested in being featured on my blog? I'm supposed to add a few people next monday for fun.

  2. Sure!!! What do I to write about? I've got zero d├ęcor/home improvement/organizational insight to offer :-P :-D

  3. You have lots to offer, you are a great organizer especially scheduler with all your activities.


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