Lilly Pulitzer Fashion Show

All my amazing 2014 After Party Sale items arrived in 3 to 5 days!!! :-O Shocking with the volume they had to deal with - I was fully expecting 3 weeks!!! Annelise was ecstatic to sport her Little Lilly Classic Shift on the 1st day of school, and she wanted to take pics of me in *my* Lilly for a fashion show - heehee! :-D She's a pretty good photog! :-) Ignore all the hanging tags & my knee wrap before I remembered to take it off... :-P

(These Bermuda shorts are the only item that really doesn't fit = too-big waist! I'm shocked! I would've never guessed I needed smaller than this!!! Has Lilly moved more towards vanity sizing? I hope not :-/)


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