Rain-Soaked Revelry

Our youth football team won our first game of the season a week ago Saturday on the 13th!!! 31-0. In the pouring rain. (We *all* know I despise getting rained on...but I can't lie: winning made it totally worthwhile! :-D ;-))

Will normally plays defense, but when we pulled ahead by so much, the coaches gave all the boys chances to try out different positions. Will got to run the ball, and he actually laid a MUCH bigger kid out with one of the BEST stiff-arms EVER!!! (Video coming... That's why this post has been on hold! But our next game is this afternoon, so I'm posting now anyway.)

My girls did this cute halftime dance to "Can You Do This":

The best part was the stunt at the end:
It's called "Swedish Falls" (no clue why :-P) and it's the most difficult (interdependent + with no parents spotting them) thing we've ever done. VERY PROUD!!! (And now scrambling for a way to top it... ;-))


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