Full Football Weekend

Last weekend was literally football from start to finish:

Our Falcons played their second game of the season, again against another league (interleague play; 1st game within our league that truly counts is this Saturday) & definitely showed improvement.

Run-through banner:


Annelise's game face, ready to begin the halftime dance:

This sooo captures me during games - intently watching the boys in b/t cheers, so I can make sure I explain to the girls what's really going on:

Our halftime dance to "The Man":

After our game, JB & I worked field duty for our league, as part of our board member obligation, for four more hours. I wore *his* shirt! :-D Who says it's too big??? The kimono-look was kind of fun! ;-)

On Sunday, JB & I took our friends to the NFL Redskins vs. Texans football game = my bday present. ♥ This was a dream-come-true experience for me: my 1st Redskins game EVER. ♥ We breakfast-tailgated for REAL in Skins shirts & Texans hats:

But the actual game...was not fun. It broke my heart. :'( I thought I couldn't lose, since I *do* love the Texans any other day of the year...but no. My Redskin bums shattered me. They looked terrible. Every other Sunday, I cheer JJ Watt...but my heart did not want to cheer him tearing up my most beloved sports passion live in front of my face. It's hard to be cheering for the away opponent on the first home game of the season with tons of other-team hype & energy, to then play awful & lose, and to finally have to walk out of the stadium as a loser IN THE POURING RAIN. Yes. Pouring rain. And we *all* know that getting rained on is one of my biggest irrational irritations in life. It was the rancid icing on the rotten game cake. :-P

But that's football. And that's long-suffering super-fan Redskins football. ;-)

Next week will be better...


  1. Sorry about those Redskins.... The breakfast tailgating looks like lots of fun, though!!


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