Writing Journal Collage

Annelise brought home a generic composition book, assigned to cover it with pictures, etc. that represent her & her family. Making personal collages? One of our most favorite things EVER!!! I had a few small photos printed at Costco (American Girl, with Bonnie Blue, sewing, on the beach, at Tweetsie & gymnastics), and she used our last Christmas card (with our fam at football & Disney on it.) She cut up a cheerleading catalog, she used some Frozen stickers, she found the side of one of our Lilly packages, and she even found a few Redskins logos in a brochure I had. She wanted to show her pom bday cake I made, along with a pic of a tower of Blue Bell ice cream. :-D She found the little "Minecraft" strip on her Scholastic book order sheet, she found the dolphin & blue macaw in her National Geographic Kids magazine, and she was adamant about including the kale (yes, kale!) from the garden section of my Southern Living, b/c "we love eating our favorite kale salad together! It's so good!" ♥ Sweet girl, it's true!


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