Grandma & Grandpa Blake Visit + ...Houses?

JB's parents came to visit this weekend, to be here for one of Will's football games. (They picked a GREAT one! ;-)) The weather was surprisingly preferable: it was drizzling rain the whole time, but there was no burning Texas sun. :-P Here we are, in all our damp, post-game glory:

We cleaned up pretty nicely :-D and drove out to Dekker's for another delicious dining experience! This time, we spent a while chatting with the chef/owner:

We spent the rest of our afternoon...actually checking out a potential neighborhood to buy in!!! :-O What?!?! I know!!! We want to finally buy here sooo badly, but we're trying to wait until the smartest financial time for us personally. B/c the market is so different here (unlike ANYWHERE in the country: houses stay on the market 3-4 *DAYS* here - not months!) we haven't bothered looking at all, yet, b/c nothing that would be available now would be an option when we're ready... But this was so exciting...even if we're not pulling the trigger quite yet... [Pray for God's perfect timing & provision re: this, for contentment in the wait, and for us to be confident in His plan for us. This is HUGE!]


  1. Yes - will pray for God's direction in the house looking/buying process!! How exciting!

  2. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! It is *VERY HARD* to take a step back now & have to wait!!!


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