Race Cars & Raptors

Today I took the kids to the Joe Gibbs Racing headquarters and to the Carolina Raptor Center. They were SO excited to see the race cars of our favorite drivers being built, again
and I actually got a Joe Gibbs autograph (he'd been in earlier, signed a few cards for people, & left them at the front desk) so of course, I was over the moon, too. :-) What an amazing and bold man of faith he is! (I can't wait for JB to read his Game Plan for Life book; it's packed in some moving box right now - argh!) ♫♪Hail to the Redskins!♪♫

We then headed over to the Carolina Raptor Center, also in Huntersville, for their awesome 3/4 mile nature walk through their outdoor aviaries. Here's the map & details. It was gorgeous, and the surprise hit of the tour was not the 6 massive bald eagles...but the common barn owl. They were excited to see a "Moonface" like on Zoboomafoo in person. :-)


  1. what a fun-filled day! so glad you were able to do this! send me an email and let me know how you are doing!!! miss you

  2. I am ALL ABOUT doing as much fun stuff as possible, since the kids are missing their last month & a half of school. I don't want the "I'm bored!" song & dance to start this early! :-P Plus, there are so many wonderful things we want to do every time we come down, and for the first time, we actually have the time to do them!!! :-) This has been the biggest blessing!!!

  3. that is great! i'm so glad you're able to actually go and do stuff... i hate not having time do stuff when i'm visiting family and friends... yay for a little extra time to relax and have good mom time :-)


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