Will's Future

Will decided when he grows up that he wants "to be a guy who finds money for people who need it." JB & I were excited: "Oh, Buddy! That's a great idea. That's called a fundraiser, and they do great things for people. That would be a great job for you, b/c you love talking to people, and you're so sociable. Will you invite Mommy & Daddy to come to some of your big fundraising events?"

"No, that's not what I mean. I want to be a money explorer!"

"You want to search for treasure?"

"No, no. I want to help people who have lost their money find it. Like if they had $20 and it's gone, I can help them search their house & find it...and then they could give me some for helping."

Silly Mommy & Daddy. What were we thinking?

He's also shown quite an interest in politics lately. NC held primaries yesterday, and since we're not residents, I couldn't vote; but Will has been highly engaged in our neighbor's support of one of the District Attorney candidates. It has been hysterical to hear him point out his signs as we drive around town, and apparently he was chatting up people in the stands about the candidate when he went to our neighbor's baseball game with their family last week.

Maybe he really could be POTUS after the 2040 election...


  1. Maybe Abby and Will can work on a campaign together when they get older :-) She was so intrigued by the 2008 elections and she has gone with me to vote since she was in her baby carrier. I'm hoping to plan a trip to NYC for the 2012 elections to watch the results display at Rockefeller Center...they display a giant map on the ice rink and highlight the states blue and red as the results come in!

  2. i love his idea of being a money finder! what a fun job! he is very creative - and filled with wonderful ideas! yay for our future president :-)

  3. We've always taken them to vote with us every election, too! Will's first when was he was 3 months old in Georgia. :-)

    Going to NYC would be amazing for election results! I can't believe we missed living outside Chicago for Obama's election by just 2 months - I *love* experiencing history being made!!! It goes along with my obsession with shared experience.


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