First Grade Conference

We had Will's parent/teacher conference yesterday with his wonderful teacher, Ms. Scott, & her aide, Ms. Young. So pleased! Will is right on track, meeting the grade goals at this point in the year for reading - a happy little sigh of relief. (Montessori's emphasis in early reading is on phonics, not sight words like the public Kindy, so I wondered if he'd be behind on that. YAY!) We knew he rocked math, science, & social studies, but I feel much better knowing that he doesn't have any "issues", esp. coming from 3 years of a different school style. There was one little problem brought to our attention: he & his group of boys (never *just* him alone) are playing too rough on the playground and tattling too much. It's totally not malicious; it's just him & his teammates from fall sports getting crazy. He's got to learn there's a difference b/t the sports field & school playground. :-P

Ms. Scott commented, again, on how funny he is in class. I had to ask, "What does he do that's so funny?" (Will is happy, social, & likes to laugh...but I've never thought of him as a class clown type.) She said he is one of the wittiest kids she's ever met and that he has a very mature sense of humor. :-) She enjoys him so much, and that feels sooo good to hear!

He likes to label the pictures he draws, and I love seeing how his mind works. He drew a picture of our house & family. In our garage, there was a big car, but it was completely covered in a big, black box. "What's this, Bud?" "It's our car in a Hotwheels Mystery box." (He LOVES the mystery boxes! Whenever he buys 2 or 3 new Hotwheels, he always wants one mystery. :-P)