Sarah's Key

I did something this week I haven't done since college: read a whole book in one day! (And this time it was by choice, not by a class deadline. :-P) Sarah's Key was fantastic. I connected with this book on such an amazing level. I am completely obsessed with WWII history; I'd rather watch a History Channel special on WWII than anything...and I don't know *why* I crave this info so deeply. I don't know what I'm supposed to do with it; I just know that I can't get enough, and THAT'S my key connection with this book: it's not just about a Jewish girl in WWII France; it's more about the lady researching the girl's story in the present day and how it affects her. I felt like her obsession helped justify mine. I also loved living in Europe, and so I really identified with her pull b/t America & Europe, as well.

The book is incredibly moving, suspenseful, & easily relatable with the connection to the present. I really loved the super short chapters; they spurred me on to read "just one more" and "just one more" - something I wouldn't have done with long sections. There are two voices in the book, and I loved their alternating points of view. This device also served as a great tension breaker when the circumstances could have started to make the reader feel weary. They helped you catch your breath.

I am so thankful I found this book & actually made it a priority to read. This book will be one of my all-time favorites forever. I can't recommend it enough! Never forget...


  1. Oooh! This sounds like a good read. I think I'm going to put it on my list to check out soon...Thanks for your input!

  2. Let me know, if you read it! I'd LOVE the hear your thoughts!!!!!


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