Exit Measures

Today we spent our last full fun day with my precious BFF here, Laura, & her boys. (We don't leave for another week, but Will goes to sleep-away camp tomorrow, and we can't run around & play when the movers arrive Monday.) We went blueberry picking at the most precious blueberry patch ever! It's a small rural corner lot with about 30 bushes, and they charge an unbelievable $2.50 per GALLON BUCKET!!! The owner came out and chatted with us as we finished up: his father began the patch, but passed away from cancer. They keep it up as a labor of love in his memory and said they will never raise the price, "because that's what Daddy charged, and he told us to never raise it. We don't do this for the money." (Have I said before how much I will miss this sweet place?!)

Blueberry buddies!

After picking, Laura treated us to lunch at Riverfront Barbeque (mmmmm, barbeque baked potatoes = my fave!) and then she buzzed Will's hair back at her house. :-) We had the best afternoon, just talking & being. I love her relaxed company; she is such a blessing.

As we left, her youngest son cried, "Can we move to Exit with them, too!?!?!?!" :') [Exit = Texas :-D]

Tonight, I had a WONDERFUL Zumba class! I got a great confidence boost re: my teaching style & my class - so good to receive, going into a forced hiatus - and I was happy to pose with a few of my favorite, happiest ladies after we worked it:

I hated saying goodbye to one of them who can't come next week to the last class. :'(

Finally, to top off the day, Will set the building alarm off as we were leaving, bringing the police & everything in the middle of a frog-strangling rain storm! [Well, you know I just couldn't leave w/o saying goodbye to the Albany Police!!! :-D My friend Brandy's husband responded (what are the chances of THOSE kind of connections where we're going, you know?) and I'm glad I could give him a chuckle (& hopefully not an eye roll! :-P)] I. Am. Completely. Spent.

It is SO time for homemade ice cream...


  1. I've loved reading your blog! I grew up in Thomasville, have a cousin in Albany and an aunt in Tifton - where we were planning to pick some blueberries next week! If possible, could you let me know more about where this blueberry patch is? Thanks so much - my email is ddarty1@yahoo.com Good luck with your move!

  2. I emailed you! :-) Thanks for reading!!!
    For anyone else, here it is: http://binged.it/LJ8yCq


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