Cheer Reunion

The half of my cheerleading squad I coached this last fall who has stayed close in touch has been talking about getting together for a mini cheer reunion at Swirl (our fave fro yo place) for months. Our moving announcement was the ultimate catalyst that FINALLY forced us to set a date! :-D It was this evening...

Four of my girls - Sis, Kadie Grace, Abigail, & Sally:

A lapful o' cheer:

With my cheerleader, Sally:

Football & bus-riding buddies - Will & Sally's brother, Tyler:

They all made me want to cry-happy, saying over again how much the girls loved me, how wonderful I was with them, and how they are crushed we won't be able to reunite our squad this fall. :') [*ego-stroke-o-rama!*] The girls (& two brothers :-P) were THE CUTEST: they even remembered & performed (to the Swirl patrons' dismay? :-D) a few of our cheers! We four moms were really impressed!

Coaching cheer last fall truly blessed me beyond measure. I'm so thankful I connected with these families, and even though it breaks my heart that our kids won't continue to grow up together, I again thank God for Facebook!!!