Week in Review

This week, Annelise had a dance camp in downtown Charlotte...that just happened to be beside Amélie's French Bakery! Oh yeah, five glorious days in a row... ;-) Allow me to be ever so cruel and list some of what I ate: French macaroons in pistachio, lavender lemon, cinnamon chocolate, & salted caramel chocolate; fresh baguettes with blackberry jam; pear tart; honey bun; fresh baguette breakfast sandwich with egg, manchego, & tomato; fresh raspberry meringue lemon curd tart; and their super famous salted caramel brownie.

I will need to repost this when I get to Texas & make new friends, so their expectations of my housekeeping will be properly measured:

Here's Annelise on Tuesday in the striped pants & pink leo on the teal silks in back about the flip forward into an upside-down split! (Taken stealthily thr/ the tiny door window; too bad the girl in blue/pink wouldn't scoot over...)

I've been trying to keep up with my Zumba practice on my own. It is NOT easy. Doing it by yourself is *THE WORST*. The great value of Zumba classes for me is the smiling encouragement and being able to feed off of the energy of your friends. I still feel great physically doing it solo in my parents' bonus room, :-P ...but I miss having *anyone* to laugh with while jumping around. It's such a lonely reminder of what I've left behind... But I must keep it up, b/c 1) I don't want to lose any of the muscle or flexibility I've gained, and 2) I will blow up as big as a house with all this good food, if I don't keep it up! I was teaching 5 classes a week - I can't go down to just once or twice a week now.

On Wednesday, I scored THE MOST WONDERFUL Lilly Pulitzer Jubilee Coronado Cali shift at Divine Consign! I found this random pic online, but it just doesn't do the majesty of this gorgeous piece an ounce of justice. So excited!

On Thursday, we took Will to Discovery Place while Sis was at dance. [We looove kid-friendly science museums, and it was the first time I'd been there in about 20 years! (I think the last time was 8th grade?)]
Learning about physics on a bed of 5,000 nails:

Using Will's brute strength to hoist up a weight that, when dropped, would propel a tennis ball to the ceiling:

Friday, we went by my 100-year-old Grandmommy's old house. She's been in assisted living for exactly a year now, and this was the first time I'd been back inside. It was...bittersweet. I don't get down about that stuff - life goes on, and we're lucky enough to still have her & even went out to lunch w/ her when we were done :-) - but I certainly appreciated getting to look back a bit.

Friday night after Annelise's WONDERFUL end-of-camp performance, we went to dinner at Revolution Pizza. The pizza was obviously fab, but I was rendered incapable of backing off on the homemade potato chips w/ ranch! Gelato samples were as close to Italy as I've had in a long time, but I chose my dessert to go: salted caramel bacon brownie = awww, yeah!!! (Thank goodness I did another 19-song solo Zumba class this afternoon - that'll take care of about 1/5th of the calories...)


  1. The bakery sounds heavenly...it makes me even more impatient for our next trip to France! :)

    I feel the same way about yoga as you do about Zumba...I need to be in a class with others (and a teacher directing me...) to do it. I just don't enjoy doing yoga solo.

  2. Exactly! (On all points! :-))


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